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Our Sessions and Workshops

Nos équipes peuvent vous proposer un atelier, une séance ou une balade en groupe pour vous, vos amis ou votre équipe

Our Design and Plant Care Programs

  • Plant care service

    Toutes les semaines
    We will help care for your plants at your home or company
    • Plant care
    • Scheduled watering of plants
    • Monthly nutrient replenishment
    • Trimming and Cleaning
  • Help save our plants

    Toutes les semaines
    Our team can help your with improving your green space
    Valable 3 semaines
    • Team helps to assess problems
    • Implement biological beneficial mites*
    • Replenish soil to improve root health*
    • Optimize watering schedule
    • Introduce beneficial plant species*
    • (*as needed)
  • Interior Green Setup

    We will setup plants to create a calming and peaceful space
    Valable 1 semaine
    • Consultation
    • Tailored plant selection
    • Design and layout
    • Installation and setup
    • Calming space ceremony

Le produit de votre contribution soutiendra nos projets de jardins de guérison

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